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Meow! My name is DENTON, and I'm a muscular and handsome solid black cat with a soft and silky coat. I was born in May 2017 and I have five siblings who all look like me! Our mommy was very young when she gave birth outside to five solid black kittens. A really nice lady and her husband noticed us in their yard and took us in where we would be safe and loved. My mom is named “Angel,” and all of us kittens received adorable Texan names: Addison, Bluebell, Dallas, Denton, and Star. The family who rescued us became fosters for Animal Allies of Texas so we would receive excellent veterinary care and internet publicity that would help us all find good homes. My brother Dallas and I were adopted by a mother and daughter. Unfortunately, in less than a year they needed to move and couldn’t take us with them. So through no fault of our own, were returned to AAT. We were soooo disappointed to lose what we thought was our forever home. But the good news is that we were reunited with our original foster family. I adore my foster family’s 10-year-old granddaughter, who stays with us every other weekend. When she walks in the door, she picks me up (and I’m a big kitty), and gives me lots of kisses! I enjoy cuddling with her when she sleeps over and will hang out in her bedroom. I am highly skilled at catching bugs, especially flies, and my keen eyesight can spot flies clear across the room! And I’m fascinated with straws. If I see a straw in your drink, I will take my paw, sneak it out of your drink, and chew on it. My favorite thing of course is playtime and perching high up on our cat tree to survey the scene below. Although I am grateful for my foster family, I would also do well being an only cat in a household with or without children. I would not do as well being left alone all day in a home or apartment, as I am high energy and enjoy playtime and attention. As with all the animals listed with AAT, having a permanent and truly forever home of my own is my greatest hope. If I sound like a kitty that would fit well with your family, please complete an online application and ask for me – DENTON! I’ll be researching the internet and will look for your application.

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