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Meow! Hi, my name is Salima, and I’m a solid black female cat with a sleek coat of fur. I was born in April of 2016, and I would LOVE to win your heart! A volunteer for Animal Allies found me and my kitten at the Denton Animal Shelter. At the same time, Animal Allies took in a litter of three orphaned kittens that were a few weeks older than my kitten. When I heard the other kittens crying because they were hungry and scared, I ran toward them to try and help them. My foster mom realized my concern for the orphaned kittens, so she opened the carrier and put the orphans in with my baby where I was able to nurse and bathe all of them. I raised both litters of kittens together. Fortunately, my baby and all my surrogate kittens have all been adopted. Now that I’m officially retired from motherhood, I love to play with feather wands and string and any toy that moves! My foster mom tells me that I have a friendly and easy-going nature. I especially love being next to whomever wants to pet me. When a new person walks into the room, I like to greet them and rub against their legs to say “hello.” I remain hopeful that I will also find my forever home with a family who will love me and play with me. Do I sound like a kitty that you would like to meet? If so, please complete an online application and ask for me — Salima — and a kind volunteer will contact you.

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