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I'm Paris. Animal Allies took me in when I was a kitten and found me a home with a wonderful woman. The two of us shared many adventures, even moving to Arizona! (I didn't think anyplace could be hotter than Texas, but it was.) We had 7 joyous years together, but unfortunately she died. With no one to care for me, I was taken to a shelter in Phoenix. Luckily, they scanned my microchip and connected me back to my original saviors, Animal Allies. So Miss Paris is back in Texas and looking for a new home! I'm a sweet girl who is used to being the only cat. I am talkative and like to be up high looking down on the world. I would not mind living with a small dog, as long as we all agree that I am the boss. If you're looking for a feline to be your one and only, then I'm your girl! Come meet me and let's start some new adventures.

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