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Hi, I'm Momma and I'm a heathy, sweet little Orange Tabby DSH cat who was born in the Summer of 2009. I like to hang out on my own and I'm great with dogs... well, OK sometimes I'm guilty of picking on them so if you have one, they need to be VERY cat friendly and tolerant of being picked on by ME. I enjoy taking over the dogs beds, and will move those dogs off if necessary! I'm not much into lap snuggling and I prefer to be petted on my own terms. After all, I am the queen and must behave like one. If you want to pet me and I decide to let you I always flop over and show my belly for a good rub down. I am also very chatty, and when I'm in the mood I will follow you around and share the local gossip with you. I love to play with fake mice, and anything ball shaped that I can slap around for an hour or so. If you would like to share YOUR palace with the queen please fill out an application for me, MOMMA, today!

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