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Pippy is a handsome grey and white ball of sunshine.  He was born in March of 2020.  Pippy and his brother Eric were found living under a person’s backyard deck in Flower Mound.  Luckily, a wonderful foster family stepped in to foster Pippy and Eric, along with several other kittens.  Pippy now lives with a family with dogs, cats, and children, and Pippy and his brother Eric are adjusting well in their new environment.
Pippy is very observant and will watch you with his beautiful, large green eyes.  When he warms up to you, he’s all in.  He’s not a big eater, and you might say that he looks like a “pip squeak.”  But don’t let his size fool you.  He has a HUGE heart, and he is waiting for the day when he will belong to a forever family of his very own…..one that will take care of him for the rest of his nine lives.  Are you that special family that Pippy is looking for?  lf so, please complete an on-line application and ask for him by name.  And a caring volunteer will be in touch with you to arrange a meet and greet. 
And if you would like to help save more cats’ and dogs’ lives (like the foster family who saved Pippy and his brother Eric), please let Animal Allies of Texas know.  We will educate you on what it takes to be a “foster” parent, and you will be on your way to a rewarding experience!

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