Would you like to help Animal Allies save the lives of homeless animals? We welcome and appreciate donations of time, money and talent! If you would like to volunteer and have our coordinator reach out to you please do not hesitate to click here ----------> /forms/form?formid=5718


We are always in need of good foster families for our rescued pets. We must turn animals away simply because we have no families available to foster them. In other words, the more foster families that we have, the more pets we can save. We provide the medical care, heartworm and flea preventative and any necessary medications. Some of our animals have been abused, abandoned, untrained or are not socialized. They need love, patience and training to make them the best that they can be. These are important ways that you will help your foster pet. You may also be required to bring the animal to vet appointments and we ask that you bring them to at least one adoption event per month. Another important part of being a foster family is understanding that you are only caring for your foster for a short time… only until they go to their forever home.

You have to put your feelings aside and sometimes it’s difficult. Yes, sometimes there is sadness when the pet you have nurtured, loved and lived with goes to their forever home. But at the same time you also get an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment because you helped your foster get the perfect home and now you can save another. It is so satisfying when you know that you made all the difference in the world in that pet’s life… the difference between life and death, literally. It is bittersweet. Fostering is not for everyone… but there are many other ways to help.

If you would like to foster please click here -----> /forms/form?formid=5704


We are ALWAYS in need of money. All of the animals in our program get quality medical care including vaccines, spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm testing and treatment if they are heartworm positive. If they require any additional medical treatments they get them as well. We hold events to raise funds, but we also depend on the donations of kind people like you who want to help us help them.


You can help by volunteering at one of our fund raising events. We raise money with our low cost vaccine/microchip clinics which also provide a much needed service to the public. There are many different ways to help at these clinics. We hold them once a month at locations around the Dallas area. There are also other events during the year such as a golf tournament, silent auction, and Santa & Pets photo sessions during the holiday season. We can always use help at these events and they are a lot of fun for our volunteers. Maybe you are an animal professional who would like to donate your services? We can certainly give you an opportunity to help!


* Crates, cages, pens (all sizes)
* Good quality dry and canned dog/puppy and cat/kitten food
* Litter boxes and litter
* Dog and cat toys
* Cat climbers
* Dog and cat collars
* Dog leashes
* Heartworm preventive for dogs
* Washable dog and cat beds
* Frontline flea preventive for dogs and cats
* Humane animal traps
*And Our Biggest Wish of All…. A HOME OF OUR OWN! We would love to receive a donation of land in Dallas, Denton, Collin or Rockwall County, so that we can build a no-kill shelter. Then we can begin to accomplish some of the things we are not able to do now, such as sponsor spay/neuter and dog training programs, and to be a source of pet-related information to our community. Please help us realize our dream…

If you are interested in volunteering or fostering please create an account under my rescue and fill out the required online form.