Considering surrendering your dog/puppy or cat/kitten? 

If the answer to this question is yes then please read further. 

Please note we are a non-profit rescue and work solely on volunteers. In order for us to take in your animal we do ask that you are completely honest regarding your pets personality, traits, and behavior whether good or bad. This helps us to determine what foster home may be the best fit. We also ask that you help us help them by making sure they are up to date on their shots before surrendering. If you are able to spay/neuter as well that would be wonderful. We want the transition for the animal to be as smooth as possible as well as for you. If a foster is found we will reach out to you to schedule a pick up and we do ask that you sign a surrender form which will transfer your rights of the animal over to Animal Allies of Texas. 


Before you surrender

If you are surrendering due to a behavioral problem try reaching out to the PET HELPLINE @ 952-435-7738 and they will help the best they can. You can also consider talking to your vet as there may be an underlying health issue. Also consider a a local trainer. 

If you are surrendering due to not being able to afford care please reach out to us via email and we will provide some other measures for you and your loved one. You can also look in your area for low cost vaccine clinics or take a look at our shot clinic that we host twice a month. 

If you are surrendering due to personal reasons such as moving or new member of the household be sure to contact the pet helpline for things to do to locate homes that allow pets or just to get information on how to introduce your animal to your new family member. 

If you are still wanting to surrender your animal please fill out the form below and one of our board members will contact you. Once the form is submitted please submit photos to Thank you.