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Transport for Callie -- Monday December 16th, 2019

AAT was contacted by a lady in East Texas who was desperately asking for help as she could no longer care for a puppy in her home. That puppies name was Callie and she was a 4 month old hound mix. While we were unable to bring Callie in to the group due to no availability with fosters we did not stop there. One of our loving volunteers and board members reached out to a local partner known as Passport For Paws. After speaking to them she knew what she had to do. She picked up sweet Callie and with the funds from our Saving Grace Fund she was able to fully vaccinate Callie making her eligible for transport. Callie is currently now in Wisconsin awaiting her forever home. We do not know where Callie would of ended up but we are glad she is not in the shelter nor homeless somewhere. 

The statement it takes a village is no small statement. All rescues work together towards a common goal and that is to minimize the amount of animals on the streets and suffering. We thank all of you ranging from our volunteers, fosters, transporters, and those who donate for making all of this possible. our generosity and kind hearts do not go unnoticed. I know Callie definitely appreciates every piece of it.